West Texas Christmas Trilogy

I am excited to share this wonderful new series by Hebby Roman. I have posted my reviews for each of the books below and I hope that you will check out her delightful series about a West Texas Christmas. Leave a comment by Monday, 11/7 about which book you’d like to read and one lucky person will win!

About Hebby Roman

I grew up in Del Rio, Texas, on the border to Old Mexico and in a ranching community. Actually, Del Rio used to be known as the Wool and Mohair Capital of the World. Our small town was not only surrounded by huge sheep ranches, but the wealthy ranchers of the area were the town’s “aristocracy.” My sister married into one of the pioneer sheep ranching families, and I spent many of my teenaged summers helping to herd sheep on horseback. My father spent over thirty years working on the railroad, as a brakeman, fireman, and engineer. Unfortunately, we lost him in a train accident when I was 18 years old, near Langtry, Texas.

Del Rio was and is at the edge of the West Texas frontier, and if you traveled just a few miles west of town, you felt as if time had stood still and you were back in the nineteenth century. Langtry, Texas, which was semi-famous for Judge Roy Bean’s “Law West of the Pecos” was one of the frontier outposts, which draws thousands of tourists a year and a place that hasn’t changed since the turn of the twentieth century. By some, the Judge was seen as a true western hero, but the real story about him is a little more complicated. He was a rough and tough guy with a touch of crudeness, just like the Old West times when he lived. I’ve taken elements of these “real life” circumstances where I grew up and woven them together in this western historical romance series.

I hope you’ll enjoy the trip, back to the old west of Langtry, TX, set in the nineteenth century.  These books were a joy to write because they allowed me to return to my roots where I was born and raised and remember all the times I spent on my brother-in-law’s ranch.

Mistletoe Christmas book coverA Mistletoe Christmas (Book Three)

Ginny Brown is a poor seamstress’ daughter who worships the ground Chad MacKillian walks on… from afar. For as long as she can remember, she’s been in love with the prominent rancher. Befriended by Chad’s sister, Ginny overcomes her shyness when Chad finally notices her.

Unknown to Ginny or his sister, Chad is already engaged to the neighboring rancher’s daughter, but their engagement is a business arrangement. The more time Chad spends with Ginny, the more he questions his future plans. Torn between honoring his engagement and his growing feelings for Ginny, he avoids making a decision.

When Chad’s fiancée catches him kissing Ginny beneath the mistletoe, she breaks their engagement. Chad is relieved to be free, but Ginny is humiliated and has had enough of his inconstancy. Faced with losing Ginny and fighting off outlaws bent on revenge, Chad begs Ginny to marry him. But can Chad convince Ginny he really loves her and is eager for her to be his wife?

Let It Be Christmas book coverMy review: Which should he follow – his heart or his word?

Ooh, this is an interesting one. Chad is engaged to one woman but falls in love with another. Given the times, it is a huge quandry – does he follow his heart or does he keep his word and his promise to marry and unite their two ranches. Ginny is an absolute sweetheart and my heart cheered for her as the underdog throughout this story.  Speaking of dogs, Chad gets it all wrong – time and time again until I wanted to reach through the pages and slap him!  Why is it so difficult for a man to listen to his heart until it’s too late? I enjoyed this third book in the series very much and encourage readers to check it out!

Let It Be Christmas (Book Two)

After losing both her parents, Lindsay MacKillian has been living with her Aunt Minerva in Boston, learning to be a lady. When her unscrupulous fiancé gets her in the family way and absconds, she escapes home to Langtry, Texas to hide her shame.

Bart Houghton, a professional gambler, wants to quit his old profession and become a rancher, giving the MacKillian’s ranch a much needed infusion of capital. But he didn’t count on marrying Chad’s sister as part of the deal. And to make matters worse, Lindsay doesn’t approve of his former profession and believes he is unworthy as a husband.

Lindsay and Bart, despite their differences and having a marriage in name only, can’t help but being attracted to each other. As their attraction matures, they have to face the obstacles of their pasts. Can Lindsay put aside her preconceived notions about Bart? Is Bart ready to settle down and give Lindsay the family she wants?

My review: Two Hearts from Different Pasts
Lindsay is in a tough spot, being with child. She made a mistake, allowing her fiancé one night of marital privileges and he has left her. She travels home to the family ranch to decide what to do.

Bart is tired of gambling and wants a place of his own. He enters into a pact with Chad and agrees to marry Lindsay and give her unborn child his name. He didn’t plan on falling in love with her, despite her judgmental nature.  But is love enough? Or is his heart the one thing Bart is not willing to gamble away?

Hard Candy Christmas book cover

A Hard Candy Christmas (Book One)

Abigail Kerr Sanford is a single mother struggling to raise her child. Sheriff Clint Graham is a man scarred by his background and family tragedies. Drawn into a bitter feud between ranchers and railroaders, Abigail and Clint work together to resolve the feud, learning to respect and trust each other. And as their feelings deepen, they recognize their love is the most special Christmas gift of all.

My review: A Sweet Christmas Treat!

This sweet story introduces us to Abigail, a single mother whose husband has run off and left her several years prior. Abigail’s father is a penny-hoarding, grumpy man who does not seem to have much love for family. Abigail must run the boardinghouse to earn her keep and care for her son. Clint Graham is the newly appointed sheriff, who is also a rancher. Sheriff Graham is trying to walk a fine line between his ranching friends and the railroad folks who are non-negotiable in their dealings. Clint is also trying to escape the memories he left behind on his ranch and start anew. He gains a room at Abigail’s boardinghouse and is smitten with Abby. However, she is a married woman who has a severe distrust for men. This is their story and their love grows and grows with each passing page. Everything comes to a head at Christmas when circumstances quickly change and their future is questionable.

Hebby Roman picture

Hebby Roman is the multi-published author of both historical and contemporary romances. Her first contemporary romance, SUMMER DREAMS, was the launch title for Encanto, a print line featuring Latino romances. And her re-published e-book, SUMMER DREAMS, was #1 in Amazon fiction and romance.

Hebby is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the past president of her local chapter, North Texas Romance Writers. She was selected for the Romantic Times “Texas Author” award, and she won a national Harlequin contest.

She graduated with highest honors from the University of Texas in Austin with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She was selected for inclusion in the first edition of Who’s Who in American Women.

She is blessed to have all her family living close by in north Texas, including her family’s latest edition, her granddaughter, Mackenzie. Hebby lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Luis, and maltipoo, Maximillian.

Hebby can be found in the Pioneer Hearts Bookstore by clicking here.  You can also visit her website at: http://www.hebbyroman.com or Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorHebbyRoman.