Under a Mulberry Moon Anthology

UNDER A MULBERRY MOON anthology offers Adventure! Mystery! Romance! Nine award-winning and bestselling authors present sweet western historical stories to ignite your imagination and feed your passion for reading. Let us sweep you away from your daily cares and entertain you with our sigh-worthy novellas set between 1865 and 1900. What a line-up we have for you!

This anthology includes a cover photo with each title.

Titles are:

  • A FAMILY FOR MERRY, by Caroline Clemmons
  • A FAMILY FOR POLLY, by Jacquie Rogers
  • COMES A SPECTER, by Keta Diablo
  • MATTHEW’S FREEDOM, by Cissie Patterson
  • THE LADY LASSOS AN OUTLAW, by Charlene Raddon
  • THE WIDOW BUYS A GROOM, by P. A. Estelle
  • WORTH THE WAIT, by Patricia Pacjac Carroll

Hopelessness. Anger. Defiance. Freedom.


Matthew Burchard hasn’t been able to save those important to him, time and time again.  After delivering his sister to Freedom, he’s ready to find his own freedom in the world. Saving a widow and her son isn’t part of his future plans. He’s ready to finally live a life of no regrets.

Widow Brenna Jo Wayne is determined to make it on her own, for her son’s sake. Marriage isn’t in her plans but neither is giving up. Her son’s happiness is all that matters – if only he would stop fighting her every step of the way.

Unfortunately, jobs are scarce and men are plentiful in Freedom. Is marriage the only way out of her situation? Will she find what her heart is seeking despite her son’s attitude? Return to Freedom, Colorado, in book two of this mail-order bride romance series

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Don’t forget to check out Grace’s Hope, book one in the Journey to Freedom series, at http://amzn.to/2CV4BN7

Excerpt from Matthew’s Freedom ~

Brenna sighed and dismissed them with a curt, “Good day.”

Eddie and Matthew rode away from the homestead toward Charlie’s land. “Thanks for the help.” Matthew said, still smarting from being chastised for his stupidity.

Eddie gave him a wide grin. “Boy, you stepped into a heap of dung right there. I know better than to try to dig you out by your boots until she was good and ready to let you free.” He cackled loudly. “You shoulda’ seen the look on your face as she was letting you have it.”

Matthew gave him a dirty look. Hopefully, that conversation stayed between the three of them. His sister would have his hide if she heard what a donkey’s behind he’d made of himself. But despite the regret he felt, he felt a twinge of something else as he pictured the sparks shooting from Brenna’s brown eyes and the way her chin tilted up in defiance when she was angered. That woman was a force to be reckoned with, and God help him, he longed for a chance to tame her.

Author Bio

cissie_profileBorn in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Cissie Patterson lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and two children. She is an avid reader of historical western romance and dreams of simpler days gone by. Times were tough, work was hard but community, God and family were the pillars of life.

Cissie spends much of her time in the Pioneer Hearts reader group on Facebook, promoting other fabulous authors of the historical western romance genre. She also maintains the Western Romance Book Babe page on Facebook, letting readers know of any historical western deals she finds. Everybody loves a freebie, right?

Cissie welcomes you to join her on her author journey as each story is a romance to remember. Select that + FOLLOW button on Amazon below my profile pic.  I love being followed. It keeps life exciting!

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Oh the Pain! My Favorite Series is Ending! ~ by Kit Morgan

Kitbook kitbook2 kitbook3 kitbook4

As a reader, what do you do when your favorite series is ending? Do you cry? Throw things? Have secret imaginings of stringing the author up by her toes and demanding she write more? Or do you, (with barely bated breath) ask, what’s next?  Being an author of more than one series, (not to mention one who likes her toes) I hope it’s the latter. Especially since I have several series, one of which is complete– Prairie Brides, but it only led into Prairie Grooms, which, as we all know, isn’t. Then there’s the Holiday Mail-Order Bride Series, also not complete. But … they are drawing to a close, which begs the question; what’s next?

Well, quite a lot actually. And YOU get to be a part of it! I’ll keep you posted through my newsletter and blog, in the mean time I’ve decided that Cutty should have his own book! After all, he gets pretty choked up around Newton and Nettie, so it might take him awhile to tell them who he really is. But there’s much more to Cutty than meets the eye, and you’ll find out how much when his book releases. I plan on writing it in November. I’ve decided to stop saying when a book will be out, at least until I know for sure. Whenever I do, the pen pixies make sure something gets in the way of my writing to put me behind!

Anyway… finding someone to represent Cutty on a cover did, at first, pose a problem. He’s not a strapping young man, after all. He’s in his late forties/early fifties. He lost most of his hair in a fire, and even though it’s slowly growing back, it’s coming in silver, not the dark hair he had before. So, the search began and ended with my sister saying, “You should meet my boss.”

“Your boss?” I said. “Why?”

“Because he would be perfect for Cutty and his wife would make a good Imogene.”

“Egads! Are you kidding?”


Some of you are aware that my daughter is a fashion photographer and she just happened to be visiting in Oregon over the last few weeks. So guess what I had her do? And did the couple ever have a blast playing dress-up in period clothes and getting their picture taken! I haven’t seen the photos yet from the shoot, but my daughter Hana says they had a great time! I think they even got his horse, Wilbur, in a few shots.

So be looking for Cutty’s story in the next few months (notice I didn’t give you an exact date) and that, dear friends, will bring Prairie Grooms to a close.

But wait … what about Newton, you ask? Well, he gets his own book too, but it will be a stand alone, and a big one! Because Newton has far too much to tell to fit into one of my regular series-sized books!


Visit Kit Morgan at her website ~ http://www.authorkitmorgan.com/ or on Facebook

Kit Morgan’s books can be found on Amazon.


Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, is a consistent Top 100 lists bestseller, and has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. ‘His Prairie Princess’ is the first of the Prairie Brides books and the first in the series of a long line of stories about Clear Creek, Oregon. One of the whackiest little towns in the old west! Get to know the townsfolk in Clear Creek and come sit a spell! If you like Kit Morgan’s books then you might also like the Time Master Book series written under Geralyn Beauchamp.


Wings of the West

Naming A Series After BirdsBy Kristy McCaffrey

kristy_wren kristy_dove kristy-sparrow kristy-blackbird

I wrote my first novel, The Wren, more than ten years ago. I was a young stay-at-home mom with four kids all under the age of five running amuck. I’d been writing since I was seven years old, but I didn’t envision penning a novel until I was too tired from mothering to realize that what I was about to attempt would be tremendously difficult, yet so rewarding. Not much different than becoming a mom, right?

I’m sometimes asked how I came up with the titles for my Wings of the West series. The simple version is that they just came to me, which for the most part is true. I’ve long known the titles, and the order in which they appear, before I had a clear picture of characters and storylines—The Wren, The Dove, The Sparrow, The Blackbird, and the final installment, The Bluebird. But there are deeper meanings as well.

Many years ago I enjoyed a television show called “Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times,” starring Brad Johnson. Maybe some of you remember it. A recurring character was a woman in town—a soiled dove—who was secretly in love with Ned. She was called “the Wren.” For some reason, that stuck with me when, years later, I began developing my Old West series. In my story, however, the heroine, Molly, isn’t a prostitute (that theme is addressed in the next book, the aptly titled The Dove). As a child Molly is quite adept with a slingshot, which she’s named “the Wren” because she believes that the rocks she uses may have been dropped by wrens. Rock Wrens have a habit of leaving a stone path to their nests. This encompasses the broader theme of Molly trying to find her way home after she was thought dead at the hands of the Comanche ten years prior.

In the second book, The Dove, I dealt with the well-used theme of prostitution. The heroine in this story, Claire, lives in a saloon run by her mama. While Claire herself isn’t a soiled dove, she still faces the decisions many women face—does she live a life for herself or for others? How many times do women prostitute themselves because they don’t feel they’re worthy, or they perceive they have no choice? How do we ‘use’ others to gain our own ends?

In The Sparrow, my heroine Emma undergoes a shamanic journey of initiation while traversing the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. During this process, she is helped by her power animal, Sparrow. I will admit, this novel took a strange turn, but I did my best to follow the bones laid before me and write the story as best I could. Sparrows are known as common birds who speak to the inherent magnificence that can be present in all of us. As I wrote the tale, I knew this bird encompassed perfectly the tone of Emma’s pilgrimage.

In The Blackbird, I found a Tennyson quote that mentions blackbirds. The heroine, Tess, while of Mexican descent also has an Irish papa and through him a connection to Tennyson. Blackbirds are mystical birds, linking us to the world of enchantment. Tess is a storyteller, a Keeper of the Old Ways; this is, and always has been, connected with imparting wisdom and magic to listeners through the telling of tales.

The last book, The Bluebird, is still a work-in-progress, but I have faith that the pieces will reveal themselves in time. This story jumps ahead several years and features Molly Rose, niece to the first Molly from The Wren. While the bird references have helped to shape the series, I always knew I’d begin with a Molly and end with a Molly, which was the nickname of my great-grandmother.

Wings of the West Series
     Book One ~ The Wren
     Book Two ~ The Dove
     Book Three ~ The Sparrow
     Book Four ~ The Blackbird

Into The Land Of Shadows

Lassoing A Groom ~ “Canyon Crossing”
Cowboy Cravings ~ “Lily and Mesquite Joe”
Cowboys, Creatures, and Calico Vol. 2  ~ “The Crow and the Coyote”
Cowboy Kisses ~ “A Westward Adventure” 



Kristy McCaffrey has been writing since she was very young, but it wasn’t until she was a stay-at-home mom that she considered becoming published. She’s the author of several historical western romances, all set in the American southwest. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, two chocolate labs, and whichever of their four teenaged children happen to be in residence. She loves to travel and frequently blogs about her adventures.

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Going Home with Rain Trueax

Pioneer Hearts brings you a new release by Rain Trueax!  Rain introduces us to Going Home: Book 3 in her Oregon Historicals series.

Oregon historicals

Jed Hardman returns to Oregon after fighting in a war he had known was doomed to be lost. Will the woman he left behind still be there, and did his John Day River ranch survive his abandonment?

Raine Stevens has had only one love, but when she sees him again, she is as unsure, as she had been, whether she is willing to give up all she has worked for, her businesses, her successes to live in the wilderness– even with him. She has a good life—or does she? What she and Jed must face together will test them both.

Going Home travels from Portland to Eastern Oregon, in the midst of an Indian war and into a region overrun by ruthless men. Jed will again have to fight for his ranch and the woman he loves, in a land of no mercy, capable of destroying the strong along with the weak.

Book 3 in the Oregon series follows the Stevens family (Raine isn’t the only one finding a reason to head east of the Cascades). It is about what makes a home and family. What does it take to make a relationship work when it has every reason not to succeed? With gold miners, road agents, and Native Americans determined to push the white man from their land, this wilderness requires strong men and women to tame it. Raine isn’t sure she can qualify, but she’s about to find out. Going Home contains some strong language, violence, and sexual heat. It is intended for mature readers. Heat level: ♥♥♥♥ (with ♥ least and ♥♥♥♥♥ most)trueax

Buy Links:

Amazon for eBook and paperback

All other sale sites

About Rain Trueax: To date, I have published four Arizona based historicals (one of them a novella) and most recently an Oregon Trail romance that will be followed this year by three Oregon historicals as one family grows with Oregon as it goes from Territory to State. I also have written two fantasy romances, eight contemporary novels and novellas set in Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, and Montana.

When writing, I work from a sheep and cattle operation in the Oregon coast Range, in a small, desert home in Tucson, Arizona, or on the road in the inter-mountain west via satellite link. I have grown children, four grandchildren and have been married over fifty years to the man who runs this ranch.

The Surprise Brides Series – Feature Cynthia Woolf

Welcome Cynthia Woolf, our first blogger to tell us about Gideon, one of the brothers in the new Surprise Brides Series!



Last February, at something called an uncon, I got together with Sylvia McDaniel and we decided to write a series of books together. We knew we wanted four books in the series and we wanted it to be about mail order brides.

We invited Caroline Clemmons and Callie Hutton, both wonderful western writers, to join us in our endeavor.

Next we had to figure out a way to plot the overall arc of the series. Skype is a good way. When the three of them were at RWA this summer, we held a Skype meeting with me. Ideas flew around the room, good ideas, but we settled on one we thought would be fun. A marriage minded, grandchild wanting, mama orders “surprise brides” for her four sons.

A blizzard causes the ranch they are on to be cut off from the town for a week and marriages must ensue for the sake of the girls’ reputations and their mother’s as well.

My hero is Gideon and he is the preacher for Angel Springs, Colorado and could perform the ceremony. From there each book and each couple took off on their own, with only a bit of overlap. Still making sure that the same things affecting the town all happen in each story was not easy.

You couldn’t ask for a better group of women to do a series like this with. That being said, I don’t think I’ll do one again. It was a great experience but also the hardest book I’ve ever written.


The Surprise Brides: One determined mama, four reluctant brothers, four mail order brides. Meet Jamie, Caleb, Gideon and Ethan.

As the local preacher, Gideon Fraser often talks about the many virtues of a good marriage, but that doesn’t mean he has the slightest inclination of claiming a bride of his own. No, he’s been burned before, by greedy women who only want the prestige and money the Fraser family name can provide. When his mother’s devious matchmaking results in his unexpected wedding, Gideon looks at the beautiful face of the woman who has sworn to be his and wants nothing to do with her. But Gideon is in danger of losing his heart until he discovers the truth. His new wife lied to him…about everything.

Ruby Haller needed a husband and fast. A treacherous man promised her the world, took her virginity, and left her without a father for her unborn child. When her father, the town minister, found out she was expecting a child, he offered her hand in marriage to the meanest man in town. Becoming a mail-order-bride appeared to be a safer choice. But instead of a rancher, she ends up the wife of a stubborn, bull-headed preacher and he’s none too pleased when he discovers her duplicity. Worse? The local town beauty, who had been courting him for years, is determined to make her life a living hell.

But Angel Springs, Colorado is a small town that can inspire big dreams. It’s nearly Christmas, and as these two hearts heal, a holiday miracle just might be within reach.

Look for the other books in the series –

CALEB by Callie Hutton
ETHAN by Sylvia McDaniel
JAMIE by Caroline Clemmons


Gideon rose early the morning of the weddings. The chilly air did nothing to help his back, which ached from sleeping on the cold floor. He couldn’t think about that now, he had to get Desiree to Pete’s place.

With a gentle tap, he knocked on the bedroom door. “Miss Desiree, it’s Gideon Fraser. I’ll escort you to our foreman’s house now.”

Desiree answered the door, her blonde hair disheveled and her fancy dress barely covering her ample bosom. “Look preacher, I’m not an early riser. I’ll go later.”

Gideon averted his gaze. “I’m sorry miss, but we have to go now. I have four weddings to officiate at and chores that still need to be done. Please put on your coat, scarf, and boots. We have to leave as quickly as possible.”

In the main room, his three brothers were rising now, stretching, and wanting coffee. Caleb, it being his house and all, lit the stove and put on a fresh pot of coffee.

“She can eat breakfast with us, can’t she Gideon?” asked Ethan.

Gideon saw the look in Caleb’s eyes. He was looking for any opportunity to take out his frustrations on Gideon.

Gideon didn’t fall for it. “Of course, she needs to eat. I thought I’d have the oatmeal done before she was dressed and ready to go.” He walked past Caleb to the kitchen and scanned the bare shelves. “You have oatmeal, don’t you?”

“Hell, no, I don’t have any oatmeal.”

“Then I’ll scramble the girl some eggs.”

“Don’t have those either. All I got is coffee. I eat at Mama’s just like the rest of you.”

“Well, she needs to eat,” insisted Gideon, running a hand through his hair.

Desiree poked her head out of the room. “Thank you, Mr. Fraser, but I don’t eat breakfast. I hate to eat on an empty stomach.”


“I now pronounce us men and wives. You may kiss your bride.”

Gideon had never married four couples before and certainly never married himself to anyone before. He angled his body and looked at his bride. Ruby was a sweet little thing with dark red hair and the prettiest green eyes he’d ever seen. He took her hands and brought her close. Her lips were as red as the finest ripe cherry and he could resist them no longer. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers. They were warm and soft under his. He was tempted to give her a real kiss, not just the peck expected after the ceremony, but resisted the urge.

After several seconds, he pulled back and looked at her. Her eyes were still closed, but a smile curved her lips. That was a good start to their marriage. They both were attracted to each other.

Ruby didn’t eat much of the dinner Mama and Milly had fixed. Of course, none of the women did.

The opposite was true of him and his brothers. Nothing kept them from eating. He especially appreciated the home-cooked meals. When he was home at the rectory he cooked for himself or ate the offerings of one of the single ladies, which was a double-edged sword. On the one hand he was glad of the meals, but on the other he didn’t want any of the young women to get the wrong idea about marriage.

Ruby would put a stop to all of that. No more casseroles or fried chicken from the women and no more fending off mama’s foisting off their daughters at the church socials.

He looked around for Ruby among the other couples who spoke together quietly. She’d gone into the kitchen to help Mama, but she hadn’t come out with the rest of the females. Curious, he went into the kitchen.

She was stood by the counter, dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief.

Guilt stabbed at him. She’d obviously been crying.

“Ruby? What’s wrong? Are you upset about the marriage? I know it wasn’t what you’d probably dreamed your wedding would be like…”

“No. I’m fine. I’m not upset with the wedding. I’m very glad you married me. I guess I’m just a little homesick. I’ve never been away from home before.”

Huh? Gideon thought back to what he knew of her and cocked an eyebrow. “But I thought you’re a widow. When you were married you were away from your home.”

She stuffed her handkerchief up her sleeve and quickly amended her words. “I meant away from my husband. Before he died.”

“Ah, I understand. Look, my brothers and I have chores to do whether the snow is falling or not. I thought you and the other ladies could keep Mama company in the parlor until we return.”

Ruby nodded. “Certainly. I’d like to get to know your mother better.”

He stepped close and extended his crooked arm. “Good. May I escort you?”

“Sure. Uh, Gideon. How long before we are able to return to your home? I understand you live next to the church in Angel Springs.”

“Yes, that’s right.” It will be nice to have someone to talk to and share sermon ideas with. “As to returning, we have to wait for the snow to stop, then I’ll have Pete take us home in the sleigh, if possible.”

Ruby nodded. “I’m not a very good cook,” she blurted out.

Surprised by her outburst, Gideon took her hand. “I thought all women could cook, but it’s all right. I can cook passably well. Ask Mama for some of her recipes. Can you follow a recipe?”

“Yes, if I have one, I can follow it easily enough.”

“Good.” After tucking her hand into the crook of his elbow, he patted it. “We’ll do fine together Ruby. You’ll see.”


Cynthia Woolf is the award winning and best-selling author of sixteen historical western romance books and two short stories with more books on the way.

She loves writing and reading romance. Her first western romance Tame A Wild Heart, was inspired by the story her mother told her of meeting Cynthia’s father on a ranch in Creede, Colorado. Although Tame A Wild Heart takes place in Creede that is the only similarity between the stories. Her father was a cowboy not a bounty hunter and her mother was a nursemaid (called a nanny now) not the ranch owner.

Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and her great critique partners for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.


  • GIDEON – The Surprise Brides
  • MAIL ORDER OUTLAW – The Brides of Tombstone, Book 1
  • MAIL ORDER DOCTOR – The Brides of Tombstone, Book 2
  • MAIL ORDER BARON – The Brides of Tombstone, Book 3
  • NELLIE – The Brides of San Francisco 1
  • ANNIE – The Brides of San Francisco 2
  • CORA – The Brides of San Francisco 3
  • JAKE (Book 1, Destiny in Deadwood series)
  • LIAM (Book 2, Destiny in Deadwood series)
  • ZACH (Book 3, Destiny in Deadwood series)
  • CAPITAL BRIDE (Book 1, Matchmaker & Co. series)
  • HEIRESS BRIDE (Book 2, Matchmaker & Co. series)
  • FIERY BRIDE (Book 3, Matchmaker & Co. series)
  • TAME A WILD HEART (Book 1, Tame series)
  • TAME A WILD WIND (Book 2, Tame series)
  • TAME A WILD BRIDE (Book 3, Tame series)
  • TAME A SUMMER HEART (short story, Tame series)
  • TAME A HONEYMOON HEART (novella, Tame series)

WEBSITE – www.cynthiawoolf.com