Rye’s Reprieve – Louella Nelson

Rye’s Reprieve (The Harper Sisters Book 1) – by Louella Nelson

Exciting News!  Currently, Rye’s Reprieve, which features a gift surgeon with a secret in 1886 Montana Territory, is hovering between #7 and #8 on the Kindle World Westerns Top 100 list.  The novel is published by Amazon in Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Kindle World.

Available on Amazon by clicking here!

In 1886, gifted surgeon Rye Rawlins is trapped by a tragic secret so painful that he denies his profession and buries himself in a gold mine in Montana Territory. But saving people is second nature, whether it’s doctoring a man mauled by a mountain lion or battling a wolf to save a child.

Veterinarian and horse rancher Missouri Harper suffers through the worst winter in Montana history to provide for three beautiful sisters and an ailing aunt. Dangerous storms, privation, and wild predators make survival precarious.

Rye comes to Missouri’s aid, putting his life in danger and Missouri in his debt. As they fall in love, his secret and her promise to remain a spinster to protect the land for her family force them to look within to discover the cost of love.

Visit Louella’s blog at http://louellanelson.com/blog/ to learn more about the research she conducted for the medical and veterinary professions as well as the record bitter winter of 1886-87 in Montana Territory. A map of the fictional town where the book is set is also provided.

Award-winning and USA Today/NY Times best-selling author Debra Holland says, “Wild Montana Sky and its sequels have been #1, #2, and #3 on the Amazon Top 100 Western Romance list. My success is definitely due to Louella Nelson. She is the writing teacher, mentor, and editor extraordinaire!”

“Lou Nelson is absolutely the best writing teacher in our area…. She’s changed my life as well as my writing.” –Deborah Gaal, award-winning agented writer.

Best-selling author, writing instructor, and editor Louella Nelson, M.A., recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award from the University of California, Irvine, offers both fundamental and advanced courses in fiction and creative nonfiction writing. Many of her students and clients are agented, published, award-winners, and best-selling authors who write novels, short stories, memoirs, essays, and nonfiction books. Lou is published in fiction and nonfiction, has conducted successful author promotions, and has been featured on radio and television. A past-president of Orange County romance writers, she holds a master’s in English with an emphasis in nineteenth-century British literature and an undergraduate degree in English and creative writing from Chapman University.

Visit Louella on her website at www.LouellaNelson.com

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