A Dogtown Christmas

Introducing an exciting new release by Callie Hutton ~

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1912. Priscilla Cochran intends to prove to the world she is a grown up woman, able to take care of herself. She accepts a job as a teacher in Dogtown, Colorado where the man who hired her thinks she is a woman of ‘mature years.’

Mitch Beaumont is tired of young women who come to Dogtown and leave in tears because it is not a built up city with entertainment a young woman would want. He has finally secured a teacher for the town who has assured him she is a middle aged spinster, and will be able to last through the hard winters.

Then twenty year old Priscilla steps off the mail coach and falls at his feet in the mud.

Callie Hutton has had a busy year.  Her new releases include:

My review of A Dogtown Christmas:

I absolutely love the Oklahoma Lovers series by Callie Hutton. This book was no exception. I started reading it and could not put it down until the end. There is something romantic to me about the historic west and simpler times. Priscilla and Mitch have an up-and-down relationship as they explore each other’s past. Neither one is as they seem at face value.

While a reader does not need to be familiar with the other books in the Oklahoma Lovers series first, I am glad that I had the other books read. This book was like going home to close friends, and spending time catching up on old times that I’d missed between the last book and this one. Callie Hutton is a talented author who draws the reader in and holds one’s attention throughout. It’s nice to have the consistency of knowing her story is going to be one that I can’t put down until the very last word.

* I received an ARC for my honest review. *

Oklahoma Lovers Series by Callie Hutton






Excerpt from A Dogtown Christmas ~

She didn’t know why, but the idea of sharing a holiday meal with Mitch and Ian seemed the right thing to do. Of course, had he told her of plans that involved other people, she would have spent the day alone, catching up on school work. For all her desire to get away from an over enthusiastic family, the thought of being alone on a major holiday was depressing.

“There have been years when we were snowed in for Thanksgiving.”

“Really? Snow comes that early?”

“It sure does.” He leaned forward, as if sharing a confidence. “Yes, and there have been occasions when we are snowed in for weeks at a time.”

She leaned in. “Oh, my. And what does one do when snowed in for weeks?”

“Try to keep occupied.” He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

Priscilla swallowed and whispered, “What sort of occupation would keep one busy for weeks at a time?”

“I can think of lots of things to do snowed in for weeks.” His voice grew thick.

Priscilla stared into his eyes wondering what the heck she was doing. “Care to explain that, Mr. Beaumont?”

“In some cases, actions speak louder than words, Miss Cochran.” Leaning his elbows on the table, he cupped her cheeks and covered her mouth with his own. She felt the jolt all the way to her toes, which curled in her half boots. She’d never been truly kissed before now, and was slightly annoyed that she’d grown to twenty years and never experienced the heady feeling of joining her mouth with another’s.

Mitch angled her head so he could go deeper into the cavern of her mouth. His tongue, tasting of coffee, skimmed over her gums, touching parts of her mouth she had no idea were sensitive. She moved closer and placed her hands on his warm face, feeling the slight bristle of a beard. It felt like sandpaper on her fingertips and she wondered how it would feel against the sensitive skin of her neck.

His fingers slipped into her hair, bunching it in his fists as he assaulted her mouth. A slight moan filled the air between them and she wasn’t even sure who had made the sound. Slowly, he released her lips and sat back, his hands dropping to the table. She opened her eyes and stared at him.

He cleared his throat. “I think I better go.”

“Yes, I think that’s for the best.” She didn’t rise when he stood, just watched him from her chair, her fingertips touching her swollen lips.

Callie Hutton, USA Today bestselling author of The Elusive Wife, writes both Western Historical and Regency romance with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). She also pens an occasional contemporary or two.

Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, a daughter-in-law, twin grandsons and her top cheerleader husband of thirty-eight years (although thankfully not all in the same home!). Living in the Midwest provides plenty of opportunities for Callie do pursue her interests: researching American history, meeting readers, spending time with family and discovering new adventures.

Callie loves to hear from readers and welcomes the opportunity to become friends, both in person or virtually.

Callie’s books can be found in the Pioneer Hearts Bookstore, an amazing resource for readers of historical western romance, by clicking here.

Find her online: WebsiteFacebook Twitter  NewsletterCallie’s Cohorts Street Team

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  1. Callie, thank you for sharing on the pioneer hearts blog today. I absolutely loved this book. I cannot wait for the next one. A five star review from me, all the way


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