Going Home with Rain Trueax

Pioneer Hearts brings you a new release by Rain Trueax!  Rain introduces us to Going Home: Book 3 in her Oregon Historicals series.

Oregon historicals

Jed Hardman returns to Oregon after fighting in a war he had known was doomed to be lost. Will the woman he left behind still be there, and did his John Day River ranch survive his abandonment?

Raine Stevens has had only one love, but when she sees him again, she is as unsure, as she had been, whether she is willing to give up all she has worked for, her businesses, her successes to live in the wilderness– even with him. She has a good life—or does she? What she and Jed must face together will test them both.

Going Home travels from Portland to Eastern Oregon, in the midst of an Indian war and into a region overrun by ruthless men. Jed will again have to fight for his ranch and the woman he loves, in a land of no mercy, capable of destroying the strong along with the weak.

Book 3 in the Oregon series follows the Stevens family (Raine isn’t the only one finding a reason to head east of the Cascades). It is about what makes a home and family. What does it take to make a relationship work when it has every reason not to succeed? With gold miners, road agents, and Native Americans determined to push the white man from their land, this wilderness requires strong men and women to tame it. Raine isn’t sure she can qualify, but she’s about to find out. Going Home contains some strong language, violence, and sexual heat. It is intended for mature readers. Heat level: ♥♥♥♥ (with ♥ least and ♥♥♥♥♥ most)trueax

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About Rain Trueax: To date, I have published four Arizona based historicals (one of them a novella) and most recently an Oregon Trail romance that will be followed this year by three Oregon historicals as one family grows with Oregon as it goes from Territory to State. I also have written two fantasy romances, eight contemporary novels and novellas set in Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, and Montana.

When writing, I work from a sheep and cattle operation in the Oregon coast Range, in a small, desert home in Tucson, Arizona, or on the road in the inter-mountain west via satellite link. I have grown children, four grandchildren and have been married over fifty years to the man who runs this ranch.

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